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Business English Exercise | Topic: Basic Terms for Beginners 10

This exercise has a broad range of general business-related terms for beginners. It's a good way for ESL students to learn basic words and expressions used in the world of business.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. We haven't been very ________________________ in promoting our products. ( = we haven't been promoting our products too much)

2. We're investing money in areas where we think we can grow and be ________________________.

3. The inflation rate has been ________________________ higher by rising food and energy costs.

4. The ________________________ results surprised everyone.
  beat expectations

5. I expect this to become the next big ________________________. ( = popular thing)

6. Job opportunities are sometimes referred to as "job ________________________."

7. We expect this to ________________________ ( = change) in the months ahead.
  turn around
  turn out

8. They are the world's largest ________________________ of anti-inflammatory drugs.

9. We used to make these cups from glass, but we ________________________ to plastic in 2004.

10. Our factory is inspected on a ________________________. ( = regularly)
  regular basis
  scheduled visit
  time to time

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