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Business English Exercise | Topic: Basic Terms for Beginners 2

This exercise has a broad range of general business-related terms for beginners. It's a good way for ESL students to learn basic words and expressions used in the world of business.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Many companies require you to wear a nice shirt and a __________________________ to work.

2. Lowest paying jobs = __________________________ jobs
  Small wage
  Minimum wage
  Little wage

3. I always have a __________________________ attitude. ( = I'm always optimistic)

4. I want to __________________________ for this seminar.
  sign up
  sign in

5. Victoria was __________________________ today.
  late 15 minutes
  late by 15 minutes
  15 minutes late

6. To be __________________________ means to always be on time.

7. The amount of work that you have to do is called your __________________________.

8. Please let me know __________________________.
  through email
  by email
  with email

9. I'm sorry, he just __________________________ ( = left the office). He'll be back in half an hour.
  stormed out
  stepped out

10. He is always __________________________ to help me.

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