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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Mixed verb tenses 2

When it comes to Business English, a lot of non-native speakers know the specific terminology, but still make grammatical mistakes, some of which have to do with using verb tenses properly. These exercises will help you to practice choosing the right verb tense in a Business English context. KEYWORDS: TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), BEC (Business English Certificate) practice, preparation.

Fill in each blank with the best response

1. __________________________ a strike, the company gave in to the workers' demands.
  Hoping to prevent
  Hoped to prevent
  Hope to prevent

2. Our employees __________________________ our strongest asset.
  are being
  to be

3. __________________________ that for another meeting.
  Let's to leave
  Let's be leaving
  Let's leave

4. Our office usually __________________________ at 5:00 PM, but today we're staying open until 6.
  is closing

5. __________________________ business in third-world countries can be a frustrating experience.
  To do
  Having done

6. Please ask Robert _________________to the meeting.
  to be coming
  to come

7. By the time my boss gets here, I _________________ my report.
  will have finished
  would be finished

8. From now on, we __________________________ things differently.
  will be doing
  A or C
  will do

9. If he had told me about this earlier, I __________________________ someone else.
  will have hired
  would have hired
  will hire

10. I __________________________ those changes last week.
  have implemented
  have been implementing

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