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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Mixed verb tenses 5

When it comes to Business English, a lot of non-native speakers know the specific terminology, but still make grammatical mistakes, some of which have to do with using verb tenses properly. These exercises will help you to practice using the right verb tense in a Business English context. Use them to practice for official English exams such as the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).

Fill in each blank with the best response

1. Do you think you __________________________ finish this report by the end of the day?

2. Yes, the report __________________________ by the end of the day.
  will be finished
  I will finish
  I have finished

3. I __________________________ it as we speak.
  would finish
  am finishing

4. I will have finished __________________________ the presentation by the time you get back from lunch.
  to prepare
  A or B

5. I __________________________ for many different jobs.
  have been applying
  have applied
  A or B

6. I __________________________ talked about this later.
  would rather we
  would we rather

7. If I had known about the layoffs, I _________________ you.
  would have told
  will have told
  will tell

8. We are currently __________________________ several acquisitions.
  have been considering

9. These acquisitions __________________________ us as the leader in our industry. (The acquisitions may or may not be made/realized)
  would be established
  would establish
  would have established

10. These acquisitions __________________________ us as the leader in our industry. (The acquisitions were NOT made/realized)
  would establish
  would have established
  would be established

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