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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Mixed verb tenses 6

Fill in each blank with the best response

1. I __________________________ my new job next week.
  B or C
  am starting

2. There __________________________ to be a problem with your application.
  is seeming

3. I __________________________ 10,000 shares last week.
  will have bought
  have bought

4. I __________________________ a lot of money if I hadn't listened to your advice.
  would make
  would have made
  will have made

5. __________________________ that issue, Bob started to look for other problem areas.
  To be resolved
  Has he resolved
  Having resolved

6. That issue is yet __________________________.
  having resolved
  has he resolved
  to be resolved

7. _________________ that issue?
  Has he resolved
  Having resolved
  To be resolved

8. Maybe you should __________________________ a different approach.
  to have tried

9. Hiring Thomas has __________________________ a positive impact on the growth of our law firm.
  been had

10. I'm not sure that __________________________ the CEO will solve our problems.
  to replace

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