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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Phrasal verbs in Business English 8

Complete each of the following sentences with the correct phrasal verb on the right.:

crack down on
cut down on
sound out
factor in
hold off on
play out
pop up
ramp up
miss out on
buy out
1. The broker told me to buying that stock. ( = to not buy that stock yet)

2. The government plans to inversion deals. ( = to take measures against inversion deals)

3. The initial bid to buy the company fell through, but most people agree that new bids will . ( = materialize)

4. Most big companies have hiring. ( = are hiring less people)

5. They plan to ( = increase) production in the fourth quarter.

6. Investors are curious to see how this will ( = unfold) in court.

7. They failed to (= buy shares from) the remaining shareholders.

8. Tomorrow she plans to ( = question) a couple of experts to get some insight on the matter.

9. I don't want you to ( = fail to capitalize on) emerging markets.

10. You forgot to ( = consider, include in the equation) all the outstanding debt.

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