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Business English Exercise | Topic: Mobile phones/cell phones/mobile devices 2

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. This phone __________________________ high in terms of versatility. = This phone is very versatile. Other phones will have a hard time matching this versatility.
  sets the stage
  makes the grade
  sets the bar

2. The home menu is __________________________. = You can personalize/alter the home menu.

3. This phone can function as a gaming __________________________. = You can use this phone to play video games.

4. This phone makes it easy to organize screen __________________________ of your favorites. ( = where on the screen you would like your favorites to appear)

5. The touch-screen is highly __________________________. ( = sensitive)

6. You ringer is off because your phone is in __________________________ mode.

7. This particular model offers handwriting __________________________. If you write something in your handwriting, it will convert it into text.

8. Entertainment features are __________________________. = There aren't a lot of entertainment features.
  spread out

9. This __________________________ as an outlet for a USB or data cable. = This can also function as an outlet for a USB or data cable.

10. I need a phone that's a a little more business-__________________________. ( = one that is designed to be used for business)

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