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Free Business English Training | Topic: Mixed verb tenses 9

Fill in each blank with the best response

1. This advertisement doesn't __________________________ people to buy the product.
  to encourage

2. This advertisement __________________________ people to buy the product.
  A or B

3. I haven't seen numbers like these in 10 years.
  didn't see
  haven't see
  A or B

4. Let's __________________________ this over lunch.
  to discuss
  be discussing

5. __________________________ a business is hard work.
  To start
  Having started

6. __________________________ three businesses myself, I know what I'm talking about.
  To start
  Having started

7. This is an opportunity _________________ more directly with consumers.
  to connect

8. __________________________ with consumers isn't easy.
  To connect

9. He expressed concern about some of the deals currently __________________________.
  take place
  taking place
  are taking place

10. Generally speaking, nobody __________________________ to carry around a huge cellphone.
  is wanting

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