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ENGLISH FOR MARKETING/ADVERTISING | Topic: Advertising (common words/expressions) - vocabulary matching 1

Match the definition on the left with the letter of the term on the right:

a - commercial (n.)
b - billboard
c - complimentary
d - campaign
e - readership
f - slogan
g - press release
h - features
i - publicity
j - brand awareness
1. memorable motto or phrase ->

2. a large, square sign used to post advertisements -->

3. a statement (about a product) released to the news media -->

4. an advertisement on TV, the radio, etc. -->

5. the attempt to manage how a public sees a product -->

6. the number of people that read a particular newspaper, magazine, etc. -->

7. a plan of action (to promote a product) -->

8. a measure of how popular a brand is (how many people know it, etc.) -->

9. special characteristics, qualities -->

10. free -->

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