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ENGLISH FOR FINANCE/BANKING | Topic: Banking (common words/expressions) - vocabulary matching 2

Match the definition on the left with the letter of the term on the right:

a - statement
b - overdraft
c - variable (adj.)
d - credit rating
e - funds
f - debit card
g - authorize (v.)
h - fees (
i - PIN number
j - direct deposit
1. an estimate of how trustworthy a person is in fulfilling his/her financial commitments, often based on his/her financial history ->

2. a secret code -->

3. when you take out more money than is available in your account, sending the account into a "negative balance" -->

4. a card which allows someone to access the money in his/her account immediately (electronically) -->

5. money -->

6. a method of payment which electronically deposits money into your checking or savings account -->

7. to approve -->

8. a list of all the activity (transactions) in a bank account, usually sent out per month -->

9. charges ( -->

10. something that changes over time -->

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