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ESL FOR TECH SUPPORT STAFF | Topic: Tech support/Troubleshooting 1

Designed to teach you the most up-to-date IT (information technology)-related words and expressions. This exercise is on the terminology relating to I.T. tech support and troubleshooting.

(Remember: Although several of the responses may be acceptable, you should choose the best one)

1. I have to install a new _____________________ of the anti-virus software.

2. One of your cables was _____________________ . ( = not connected)

3. Your computer is _____________________ with a virus.

4. _____________________ can gather data from a user's system without the user knowing it.

5. It is _____________________ to download these programs. ( = You are not allowed to download these programs.)

6. If you have any problems _____________________ ( = setting up, customizing) the operating system, please let me know.

7. That program won't be able to open files with that _____________________.

8. Please _____________________ ( = restart) your computer.

9. I've _____________________ the problem. ( = I have found the source of the problem.)

10. It's not a major _____________________. = It's not a big problem.

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