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English for I.T. Professionals | Talking about new technology in English 3

Many I.T. professionals are interested in new, state-of-the-art technology. This particular exercise will help you talk to your co-workers, friends, etc. about new technology, gadgets, etc. and teach you new vocabulary relating to this topic.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. LG Electronics recently __________________________ ( = presented) a smartphone chip which can offer a connectivity speed that's eight times faster than that of current smartphones.

2. Its capabilities are far __________________________ to ( = much better than) those of current 3G devices.

3. With this cell phone, you can even __________________________ high-definition movies without any buffering.

4. Cell phone = mobile phone = ________________

5. They plan to ___________________________ ( = launch) this new phone in 2015.
  roll out
  throw out
  break out

6. The new RIM BlackBerry has gotten ___________________________ reviews. = Not everyone likes the new RIM BlackBerry.

7. LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology will probably be used by many next-_______________________ ( = future, the newest) mobile devices.

8. Many new mobile devices use a touch __________________ instead of a real keypad.

9. The iPhone 6 is a little __________________. ( = it has minor technical problems)

10. New products often ___________________________ space better than their predecessors. = New products often make better use of space than their predecessors.
  use up

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