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Business English Exercise | Topic: Project Management Vocabulary 5

Designed to teach you the most common vocabulary/terms used by project managers. This exercise is meant for ESL (English as a second language) students, but will be useful to anyone wanting to learn this specialized terminology.

Complete each of the following sentences with the most appropriate response:

1. We still have to _______________ the details of the project. ( = to make a final decision about the details)
  nail down
  set aside
  pop up

2. Are you _______________ about your task? = Do you understand what you have to do?

3. Success criteria has to be measurable and _______________ ( = traceable) in order to be effective.

4. An important element of any project's success is good team _______________. ( = how well the team works together)

5. Can I get your_______________ on this? = Can you tell me what you think about this?

6. _______________ skills are something that every successful project manager possesses.

7. If you don't determine the scope of your project ahead of time, you might have a problem with _______________ resources later on. ( = you might not have all the resources that are necessary to complete the project)

8. Ensure all documentation is _______________ with... = Ensure that all documentation complies with...
  in time
  in line
  on time

9. It looks like this project will not be completed within ________________ after all. ( = we will end up spending more money than we had expected)

10. ________________ action has to be taken. = We have to take steps to fix this problem.

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