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Business English Test | Topic: Shipping related words and expressions 1

Complete each of the following sentences that are commonly used in shipping:

1. The goods will have to be _________________ ( = checked) by customs.

2. The goods will remain in a warehouse _________________ pick up. ( = before you pick them up)

3. The freight seems to be _________________. ( = undamaged)
  free of damage
  no damage

4. This transportation company _________________ ( = has) the best rates, and they are trustworthy.

5. The bill of _________________ ( = contract) was missing.

6. This is a new tariff ( = tax) _________________ by the government.

7. This tariff is meant to _________________ ( = dissuade) the importation of foreign goods.

8. Cargo that's not in packages or containers is called "_________________ cargo".

9. The customs officers didn't allow us _________________ to the container. ( = didn't allow us to go to the container)

10. The goods will be shipped in a _________________ container.
  weather controlled
  weather control
  temperature control

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