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Financial Terms/Vocabulary for ESL | Topic: Taxes, Tax-related vocabulary 4

Match the definition on the left with the letter of the term on the right:

a - form (noun)
b - exempt (adjective)
c - depreciation
d - unauthorized
e - audit (noun)
f - tax dispute
g - disclosure
h - dividends
i - self-employment income
j - tax evasion
1. releasing your tax information to a third party ->

2. a process to check if what you declared is correct -->

3. not paying taxes when one is required to do so -->

4. not having to pay taxes -->

5. the profits of a company that are distributed among shareholders -->

6. illegal, not allowed -->

7. money that you make working for yourself -->

8. a document that you fill out -->

9. the decrease in value, over time, of property or assets -->

10. a disagreement about how much tax you have to pay -->

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