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Business English Exercise | Topic: Employment counter offers 1

Designed to help you practice vocabulary relating to talking about a counter offer. What's a counter offer? Sometimes, when you resign from a company, the company gives you a "counter offer", which is an attempt to keep your from resigning. Counter offers usually offer employees a higher salary, more benefits, etc.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. My new job offers more growth __________________________.

2. I __________________________ decline your offer.
  with respect
  am respected

3. Everyone should know how to __________________________ ( = deal with) a counteroffer.
  take out
  hand out

4. Some people think that it is a ___________________________ to accept a counter offer from your present employer.
  bad idea
  bad news
  bad luck

5. An employee who resigns will most likely always be ___________________________ as a security threat, and as being disloyal.

6. Employees who accept a counteroffer are often the first ones who get ___________________________ (by the company) when times get tough.
  laid off

7. Many see a counteroffer as a way for a company to buy ___________________________. It stalls your departure while they look for someone to replace you.

8. He was really ___________________________, but I still declined.

9. My boss made some ___________________________ ( = agreed to some of my terms), but it wasn't enough to prevent me from leaving the company.

10. This offer is ___________________________ .= I am tempted to accept this offer.

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