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Business English Exercise | Topic: Employment counter offers 2

Designed to help you practice vocabulary relating to talking about a counter offer. What's a counter offer? Sometimes, when you resign from a company, the company gives you a "counter offer", which is an attempt to keep your from resigning. Counter offers usually offer employees a higher salary, more benefits, etc.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. If someone sees you as a "fidelity risk", it means you are perceived as not being ___________________________.
  a liar

2. Many employees are ___________________________ ( = laid off/fired) within a year of signing a counteroffer.
  let down
  let up
  let go

3. When I ___________________________ to resign, they offered me a higher salary.

4. A lot of the things he said were very ___________________________. (= unclear, could be interpreted in a variety of ways)
  in ambiguity

5. I have carefully considered the ___________________________ ( = benefits/ positive aspects) of the two positions and have decided to go with the new one.
  fine print

6. Make sure you resign ___________________________.
  by paper
  in paper
  in writing

7. I let my boss know that I had ___________________________ ( = I was not interested) in a counter-offer.
  no interest
  no concern
  no desire

8. If you provide your employer with a list of ___________________________, you are providing a list of things that you are/were not happy with at your job.

9. He decided to ___________________________ at his job. = He decided to keep working at his present job.
  stay up
  stay on
  stay out

10. Most career advisors ___________________________ accepting a counter-offer. In fact, many feel that accepting such an offer can seriously hurt your career.
  give advice against
  present advice not
  advise against

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