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Business English Exercise | Topic: Marketing Vocabulary 10

Designed to teach you the most common vocabulary/terms used in marketing. This exercise is meant for ESL (English as a second language) students, but will be useful to anyone wanting to learn this specialized terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. When marketing specialists speak about a ______________, they are referring to a decline in an economic cycle.

2. Horizontal marketing refers to when two companies market their products ______________ ( = together)

3. When marketers speak about "engaging" an industry, they are referring to creating an interest or ______________ within the industry about a product, service, etc.

4. We've been trying to create a new metric ( = method/system) of ad ______________.

5. On the internet, consumers can take part in a kind of ______________ marketing, which means that not only does a company market to the consumers, the consumers themselves can create content (through an application on a website, etc.)

6. The phenomenon in the previous question is commonly referred to as "consumer-______________ media."

7. To put something "______________" = To focus on the importance of something, to devote most of one's attention to something
  front and center
  in the front

8. Unfortunately, this analysis doesn't really show the ______________. ( = all the facts, what's really going on)
  whole picture
  whole painting
  whole drawing

9. If something is an industry-______________ standard, it means that it is used/adhered to by most people in the industry.

10. The ______________ new iPhone was launched last year.
  people waiting on
  awaited much
  much awaited

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