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Business English Exercise | Topic: IT: Search English Optimization (SEO) 3

Designed to help you practice vocabulary relating to Search Engine Optimization. Although this quiz is meant for ESL students, it'll be useful to anyone who wants to practice this specialized vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. "Sponsored" links are links that are ______________________ by a company to promote themselves or their products/services.
  paid for
  given money for

2. Most SEO companies prefer to focus on search results that show up naturally (not as paid advertisements), in other words "organic search results" or "organic __________________________".

3. Click fraud can be a real __________________________ ( = can be dangerous) for your business.

4. High quality content is an __________________________ ( = vital/ very important) part of search engine optimization.

5. When you __________________________ your content, make sure you emphasize specific key phrases for search engines.
  write again
  write anew

6. To increase content relevancy = To __________________________ content relevancy

7. The person who is responsible for writing content is called a __________________________.
  content producer

8. Rearranging you link __________________________ ( = structure), can improve your search engine ranking.

9. We have a __________________________ ( = established beyond doubt) formula for optimizing websites.

10. To improve your chances of getting a higher rating = To __________________________ your chances of getting a higher rating
  brush up

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