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Business English Exercise | Topic: Starting a business 2 : Business Plans

Designed to teach you words and expressions relating to all aspects of starting a business. Whether you're looking to start a small business or set up a franchise, this exercise will help you practice all the important vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. There are ___________________ ( = a lot) of books that can teach you how to write an effective business plan.

2. It helps to demonstrate a high level of ___________________ in your knowledge of all matters relating to your business.

3. The "executive summary" is the name of the section which ___________________ ( = outlines) the main body of the business plan.

4. If you carried out a market study to gather information relevant to your business, make sure you include the ___________________ of this study in your business plan.
  found information

5. A more formal way of saying "To obtain outside funding" is "To ___________________."
  get cash
  request outside help
  acquire external capital

6. You must ___________________ to the organization ( = let the organization know) why they should invest in your enterprise.

7. Which one of these words is NOT a synonym for "business"?

8. The language used in a business plan should be clear and ___________________. ( = easy to understand)

9. We should ___________________ a business planning consultant before drawing up a plan.
  get in line with
  get in touch with

10. This description is not ___________________.
  detailed enough
  enough details
  enough detailed

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