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Online Business English Training | Topic: Cover Letter Vocabulary 4

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. I've done a bit of ____________________ about your company. = I have studied/looked into your company.

2. As the school's main psychiatrist, I ____________________ ( = advised) teenagers about a variety of personal concerns.

3. In ____________________,... = What's more/Also,... (used when you want to give more examples of something_

4. work ____________________ = employment history

5. My previous job required me to ____________________ intermediary between the brokers and the investors.
  act the
  act like an
  act as an

6. This is my ____________________ ( = main, principal) area of interest.

7. I am ____________________ ( = especially) interested in animal rights.

8. I am seeking to ____________________ myself with... = I am looking to get a job with...

9. invaluable = ____________________
  not valuable
  very valuable
  somewhat valuable

10. I believe that I can be of ____________________ ( = help, assistance, etc.) to both your company and your clients.

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