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Business English/ESL | Topic: English for Database Administration (DBA) 2

Designed to teach you the most up-to-date IT (information technology)-related words and expressions. This exercise is on database administration terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. We have to rethink our database structure. These types of online __________________ are not acceptable.
  response times
  answer times

2. Everything is working well. = Everything is running __________________.

3. I'll be able to __________________ the problem ( = find out what the problem is) by tomorrow.

4. The integrity of a database is something that prevents business rules from __________________.
  being broke
  being broken

5. We have to ensure that every order must identify one and __________________ customer.
  only single
  one only
  only one

6. __________________ is another issue that is important to consider when building a database.

7. I can __________________ the data but I can't change it.

8. A database is used to __________________ data.

9. Many databases are __________________ tables.
  made with
  made up of
  made up with

10. Only __________________ users can access and change data as needed.

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