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Business English/ESL | Topic: English for Database Administration (DBA) 3

Designed to teach you the most up-to-date IT (information technology)-related words and expressions. This exercise is on database administration terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. We need to make some major changes to the structure in order to __________________ ( = take into account) the new data.
  account for

2. By implementing the technique known as "normalization", database administrators can minimize the risk of __________________ information. ( = having the same information appear more than once)

3. I'll need to add these two __________________ of data together.

4. I programmed it so it __________________ out ( = eliminates) the data from the third column.

5. Normalizing data is an __________________ ( = very important) part of making a database perform optimally.

6. We have to __________________ ( = transfer) all this data to the new database.

7. We have to pass this value to a SQL __________________.

8. Get __________________ of ( = turn off) auto numbering for this column.

9. Another way of saying to "move" data is to __________________ data.

10. We have to change the structure. = We have to make some __________________ changes.

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