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Business English/ESL | Topic: English for Computer Programmers 2

Designed to teach you the most up-to-date IT (information technology)-related words and expressions. This exercise is on computer programming terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. We're looking for three programmers to help us develop our web-based __________________.

2. You have to test the program to ensure that it works __________________.
  to expect it
  as expected
  like it expected

3. Many programmers use libraries of (modifiable) code instead of __________________ from scratch.

4. Proprietary software is software that can be used __________________ by the company that develops it. ( = no one else can use it)

5. Boris is going to be helping us to implement various software sub-__________________.

6. He's really good at __________________. ( = finding a problem and fixing it)

7. Do you have any experience with integrating internal software solutions into _________________ ( = external) application software?
  third party
  second party
  first party

8. Programmers with _________________ or licenses are not necessarily better coders.

9. How good are you _________________ stored procedures?
  on writing
  when writing
  at writing

10. What's another word for "testing"?

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