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Business English Exercise | Topic: Outsourcing 1

This exercise will help you practice the terminology associated with outsourcing. It's meant for ESL students, but will be useful to anyone who wants to learn this specialized terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. The decision to outsource is often made _________________ lowering costs.
  in the interest of
  in terms of
  in light of

2. The process of __________________________ is similar to outsourcing, but it refers to finding the cheapest products, not services.
  global sourcing
  global searching
  globe searching

3. "Offshore outsourcing" refers to outsourcing __________________________.
  to an island
  to another city
  to another country

4. One of the benefits of offshore outsourcing are the lower _______________ in developing countries.
  work costs
  labor costs
  labor charges

5. Economically speaking, Canada is not a __________________________ country. Bangladesh is a __________________________ country.

6. What is the opposite of outsourcing?
  Doing something "in-house"/ insourcing
  offshore outsourcing

7. Another benefit of outsourcing is that in many developing countries, there are fewer __________________________. (This can also be seen as a negative thing from an ethical point of view)
  workers' rights laws
  work right laws
  worker's laws

8. Proponents of outsourcing claim that it allows companies to develop competitive strategies that will help them compete in the __________________________ marketplace.

9. _____________________ of outsourcing claim that the quality of a service is usually worse when it is outsourced.

10. Another __________________________ of outsourcing is that many people in developed countries become unemployed when their jobs are moved offshore/abroad.
  positive aspect

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