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Business English Exercise | Topic: Sales (Trade Shows/ Trade Fairs) 1

Designed to teach you the most common vocabulary/terms used in sales (specifically relating to trade shows, trade fairs, or conferences). This exercise is meant for ESL (English as a second language) students, but will be useful to anyone wanting to learn this specialized terminology.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. For many companies, trade show marketing can be a ____________________.
  bad dream
  bad scene

2. One of the things you have to consider are the ____________________ for your space.
  rent fees
  payment fees
  rental fees

3. The trade show is tomorrow and the print shop hasn't finished printing our ____________________ yet!
  sales things
  sales materials
  selling materials

4. Our ____________________ production costs are low, since we're setting it up ourselves.

5. I ____________________ five trade shows last year.

6. Stacks of business cards = ____________________ business cards
  A couple of
  Lots of

7. A trade show isn't worth your time and effort if it doesn't produce good ____________________.

8. One of the main reasons we're attending the trade show is to connect with ____________________.
  potential partners
  potential partnerships
  potent partners

9. Trade shows produce about 20 ____________________ of our annual leads.

10. Setting up a professional looking booth and presentation will help up to raise our ____________________.

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