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Business English Exercise | Topic: General Business English Terms 11

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Their profits increased dramatically. = Their profits went _____________________.
  by the wayside
  through the roof
  on and on

2. Not many people use this product. = The _____________________ for this product is weak.

3. The company is _____________________ ( = being criticized heavily) for some of their policies.
  under fire

4. He didn't write the report himself. He ____________________ it with his colleague.

5. To write and release a public letter = To __________________ a public letter

6. The buyout took him by surprise. = He was __________________ by the buyout.

7. They couldn't reach a deal. = They couldn't __________________ a deal.
  hammer out
  put out
  come across

8. They rejected his first offer. = They rejected his __________________.
  initial bid
  first bidding
  innovative bidding

9. He wasn't sure about the accepting the proposal. = He was __________________ about accepting the proposal.

10. The talks are at a __________________. = There is no progress being made at the talks.

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