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Business English Test | Topic: Job Interview Terms and Expressions 5

Complete each of the following sentences that are commonly used to answer questions during a job interview:

1. "I've been very careful about the companies where I have _________________."
  checked on

2. "One of the things I can _________________ ( = contribute) to this job is my eight years of experience."

3. "I _________________ ( = love) challenges."
  make up
  thrive on
  shut down

4. "Yes, I feel I am in a _________________ to consider an offer."

5. "After finishing my last job, I took some _________________ ( = I took a break) to examine my career goals."
  time off

6. "This position is _________________ to me." ( = I'm very interested in this position.)
  of great interest
  causing interest

7. "I took the _________________ to ( = had a chance to) find out a little bit about the company."

8. "What are some of the responsibilities _________________ with this position?"
  dished out

9. "I _________________ ( = am very proud) on my communication skills."
  pride me
  pride myself
  am with a lot of pride

10. "In my last job I worked with men and women from diverse _________________ and cultures.

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