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Business English Site - ESL Exercises Our goal at is to provide you with a good-looking, useful, easy to navigate website with a wide variety of Business English quizzes. We plan to develop this site to include more than 200 exercises, making it one of the best resources for BE online.

We're always happy to do a link exchange with other quality ESL sites. If you are interested, please contact us and we'll set something up.

USEFUL SITES TO PRACTICE ENGLISH (and other languages): - Extensive ESL (English as a second language) resource site with free grammar and vocabulary quizzes and printables, video-based listening comprehension exercises, pronunciation practice tests, lists of idioms and phrasal verbs, and much more. - Free video-based ESL exercises, an ESL blog, reading comprehension exercises, and a list of American slang expressions. - Lots of English practice exercises for hospitality industry workers. If you work in a hotel, restaurant, or in some other travel-related industry and want to practice English for work - this site is for you! - Downloadable PDF worksheets/printables covering various aspects of English grammar and vocabulary. Great resource site for both English teachers and students. - Over 100 free exercises to help you learn and/or perfect your Spanish. (Polish grammar and vocabulary tests)

The BBC's Business English Page - Lots and lots of ESL links. ELTA-RHINE e.V. English Language Teacher's Association (NRW, Germany). - Simple solutions for busy teachers


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