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MEDICAL ENGLISH | Topic: English for doctors and nurses (intermediate) - vocabulary matching 1

Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:

a - bathe
b - illness
c - outpatient
d - disability
e - discharged
f - geriatrics
g - increase
h - administer
i - preventive
j - therapy
1. is a field in medicine that focuses on the health of older people.

2. His is not serious. = He is not seriously sick.

3. We will have to you dosage. = You will have to take more medicine.

4. A is something that may prevent you from functioning normally.

5. The nurse will ( = give) the vaccine to Mrs. Williams.

6. One of the nurse's main duties is to ( = wash) the patients.

7. None of the patients stay at the clinic. They only visit on an basis.

8. We have to begin your ( = treatment) as soon as possible.

9. These are measures. ( = steps taken to make sure something doesn't happen)

10. That patient has been from the hospital. (= allowed to go home)

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