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MEDICAL ENGLISH | Topic: English for doctors and nurses (intermediate) - vocabulary matching 4

Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:

a - scope (n.)
b - critical
c - incurable
d - immunize
e - dress (v.)
f - solid
g - intravenously
h - postoperative
i - injury
j - boost (v.)
1. I will have to your wound. = I will have to apply medication, bandages, etc. to your wound.

2. We have to all children against polio.

3. Unfortunately, this disease is . ( = there is no cure for it)

4. This medicine has to be given . ( = through one's veins)

5. These vitamins will (= improve the performance of) your immune system.

6. The patient can only eat liquids. He can't eat food.

7. She's in condition. We have to operate.

8. This ( = wound, trauma, etc.) is not as bad as it seems.

9. This is a normal part of the recovery process. ( = the recovery process after an operation)

10. I'm still trying to determine the ( = extent) of your illness.

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