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MEDICAL ENGLISH | Topic: English for doctors and nurses (intermediate) - vocabulary matching 5

Complete each of the following sentences with the letter of the correct answer:

a - renal
b - oral
c - deficiency
d - faint
e - allergic
f - amnesia
g - incision
h - stitches
i - discomfort
j - genetic
1. This is an thermometer. Put it in your mouth.

2. If an illness or condition is "", it means it runs in your family.

3. You have an iron . = You don't have enough iron in your blood.

4. During the surgery, I will make a small . (= cut)

5. People with have a hard time remembering things. Sometimes they don't even remember who they are.

6. The adjective "" refers to the kidneys.

7. I ( = pass out, lose consciousness) every time I see a syringe.

8. You are going to feel a little ( = an unpleasant feeling) during this procedure.

9. I will remove the after the scar has healed.

10. P1: Are you to any drugs? P2: Yes, Penicillin.

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