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Common vocabulary used in nursing 1

If you're a nurse and would like to communicate better with your English-speaking patients, this exercise will help you by allowing you to practice useful terms/expressions nurses use every day.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. I'm here to change your __________________________. ( = the container used by bedridden patients to go to the bathroom)

2. Turn __________________________ please. I have to wash your back.

3. We need to move Mr. Harris into a __________________________ room. ( = a room with no other patients)

4. I need __________________________ your blood pressure.
  to check
  to verify
  to inspect

5. We have to __________________________ ( = clean/disinfect) your wound.

6. To help a patient put on his/her clothes = To ___________________________ a patient
  put on

7. Yes, Mr. Brown was _________________________ to the hospital ( = checked in to the hospital) yesterday.

8. Your grandmother was taken to the respiratory ___________________________. ( = the part of the hospital that deals with patients with respiratory illnesses)

9. Right now all the rooms are full. We'll get you a space as soon as one is __________________________.
  coming up

10. Doctor, Mrs. Williams' __________________________ (= I.V.) line is not properly connected.

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