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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Phrasal verbs in Business English 2

Fill in the blank with the correct response:

1. We have to keep __________________________ with our competitors. = We have to be as successful as our competitors.

2. That factory __________________________ ( = produces) 10,000 milk cartons every day.
  brings in
  turns out

3. That branch __________________________ ( = makes, earns) a lot of money.
  brings in
  factors in
  takes up

4. You forgot to __________________________ in employee benefits. = You forgot to include employee benefits in your calculation.

5. I'll look __________________________ it. = I'll investigate it.

6. We'll have to do __________________________ with ( = eliminate) some of these provisions.

7. Robert _________________ as CEO ( = replaced the previous CEO) back in 2008.
  took over
  looked up
  went around

8. I'd like to point _________________ ( = mention/remind everyone) that this has always worked in the past.

9. Robert brought __________________________ ( = raised) a very interesting point.

10. We can't just __________________________. ( = admit defeat and stop trying)
  give up
  get up
  get around

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