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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Phrasal verbs in Business English 3

Fill in the blank with the correct response:

1. In the weeks __________________________ up to ( = before) the meeting, we'll all have to work very hard.

2. They __________________________ ( = created, developed) a brilliant marketing strategy.
  turned around
  brought in
  drew up

3. We always contract that work __________________________. ( = we get someone else to do it)

4. I want Mary to __________________________ ( = assume the lead in) the new Latin American unit.
  head up
  factor in
  lead off

5. Let me __________________________ ( = start) by saying how proud I am of your contribution to this company.
  lead off
  write off
  start on

6. You two should work together on this project. = You two should __________________________ on this project.
  work off
  put in
  team up

7. The new cellphones will _________________ ( = will be launched) in November.
  roll out
  come off
  go through

8. I'm not sure what you're getting _________________. = I'm not sure what you mean.

9. Ford plans to __________________________ off 1,000 workers. = 1,000 Ford workers will lose their jobs.

10. Our business is really taking __________________________! = Our business is really becoming successful!

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