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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Phrasal verbs in Business English 4

Fill in the blank with the correct response:

1. We brought him __________________________ ( = we hired him) to help us with the new website.

2. Mattel had to __________________________ on their advertising budget. ( = to reduce their advertising budget)
  come off
  cut back
  let down

3. We __________________________ ( = rejected) the offer because we weren't happy with several of the stipulations.
  let off
  brought out
  turned down

4. That issue never __________________________ up ( = was never raised) during the meeting.

5. This product doesn't __________________________ up to its predecessors. = This product is not as good/effective as its predecessors.

6. We've run __________________________ paper. = We have no more paper left.
  out of

7. No one likes to sit through drawn _________________ negotiations. ( = negotiations that take much longer than they should).

8. Make sure you _________________ ( = complete) all the necessary paperwork.
  write off
  fill out

9. I'm sure they'll recover. Let's not write them __________________________ just yet. ( = Let's not assume that they're finished.)

10. We usually __________________________ aside ( = reserve) 15% of our budget for marketing.

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