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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Phrasal verbs in Business English 5

Fill in the blank with the correct response:

1. Barack Obama has a plan to __________________________ out ( = save, financially speaking) the automotive industry.

2. It will take a long time for the board to __________________________ ( = clear up, fix) this mess.
  turn around
  put in
  sort out

3. We can't __________________________ this option. = We have to consider this option.
  write up
  rule out
  sign off

4. The research was __________________________ ( = done/conducted) by a team of French scientists.
  carried out
  led into
  placed under

5. I'm sure we can __________________________ something out. = I'm sure we can arrange something.

6. The committee members have already __________________________ on this project. ( = formally approved this project)
  worked off
  carried out
  signed off

7. We have decided _________________ pursuing ( = decided not to pursue) this course of action.

8. I would like to _________________ my partner in on this discussion. = I would like my partner to take part in this discussion.

9. The new functionality will speed __________________________ the checkout process. ( = will make the checkout process faster)

10. I'm going to ask John sit __________________________ on this meeting. = I'm going to ask John to attend this meeting (although he won't participate).

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