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BUSINESS ENGLISH TRAINING | Topic: English for Sales and Marketing/Choose the right synonym 5


Choose the correct synonym for each of the bolded words/expressions:

1. web campaigns = _________________ campaigns

2. catering to these types of customers = _________________ these types of customers
  providing services for
  unwillingly servicing

3. increased level of interaction = increased level of _________________

4. online video providers are getting in on the race = online video providers are _________________
  not doing too well
  entering the market

5. the traditional 30-second TV spot = the traditional 30-second TV _________________

6. to engage the viewer in the online-viewing experience = to __________________ the viewer in the online-viewing experience

7. these ads are _________________ made for the online channel = these ads are expressly made for the online channel

8. to improve ad relevance = to improve ad _________________

9. _________________ video technology = personalized video technology

10. a brand experience that a customer will remember = a _________________ brand experience

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