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ENGLISH TRAINING FOR I.T. | Topic: Social media/social networking (common terms) 2


Choose the correct response to complete each of the following sentences:

1. Facebook has a _________________ translation program. ( = one that is created/developed by users)

2. _________________ features = great/amazing features

3. This application is still in _________________. ( = still being worked on/tested)

4. It just doesn't _________________ to the competition. = It's just not as good as the competition.
  stock up
  stack up
  stake out

5. They recently implemented multi-account _________________. ( = the ability to use/control more than one account)

6. The site offers a lot of advanced ___________________ ( = functionality) to its members.   options

7. Social networking sites often look for ways to create a _________________ ( = better,fuller) experience for their visitors.
  more eccentric
  more involved

8. Facebook and Twitter can easily _________________ ( = connect, share information, etc.) with other websites.

9. I don't want everyone to be able to _________________ ( = find) this information.

10. I haven't _________________ ( = changed) my status in weeks.

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