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Business English Training | Talking about the economy in English 3

Every business professional should know how to talk about the economy. Whether things are going well, or badly, the economy is a topic that comes up very often. This exercise will help you practice some common vocabulary that is used in these types of discussions.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. To cut down on spending = To __________________________ spending

2. FedEx cut its earnings __________________________ for the first quarter of 2009. = FedEx plans to make less than expected in the first quarter of 2009.

3. Leading economic indicators show that the global recession might be __________________________. ( = getting worse)
  evening out

4. __________________________ measures = Measures to boost the economy

5. Many people blame the United States for keeping interest rates at an ___________________________ ( = unnaturally) low rate.

6. Low interest rates were one of the ___________________________ factors of the current financial crisis. = Low interest rates were one of the causes of the current financial crisis.

7. A steep decline = A ____________________ fall

8. A "housing __________________" refers to a rapid increase in real estate prices, followed by a sharp decline (due to people not being able to pay such high prices).

9. In the United States, the push to increase the availability of home loans for the economically disadvantaged was a noble cause with unintended negative ___________________________. ( = results)

10. To go ___________________________ = To go bankrupt
  banked up

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