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(Choose the best response for each one)

1. inflation that's out of control = __________________________ inflation

2. Barack Obama said that the United States has a plan to bring the deficit __________________________ ( = decrease the deficit) once the economic crisis has been resolved.

3. __________________________ ( = very high) deficits could spark ( = cause) inflation or a sudden drop in the value of the U.S. dollar.

4. Most analysts believe the U.S. is __________________________ ( = ready, just about) to make steady progress on this issue.

5. to ___________________________ the whole system = to put the whole system at risk

6. to stimulate economic growth = to ___________________________ economic growth

7. He doesn't think that current economic conditions will continue to ____________________. ( = he thinks that the current economic conditions will change)
  lag on
  drag out

8. the worst that can possibly happen = the worst ___________________________
  case study
  case scenario
  take on things

9. You can't keep taking these things ___________________________. ( = you can't keep assuming that these things will always be there)
  by decree
  in transit
  for granted

10. The new regulations should prevent banks from ___________________________. ( = from going bankrupt)
  keeping afloat

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