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Business English Grammar Exercise | Topic: Mixed verb tenses 1

When it comes to Business English, a lot of non-native speakers know the specific terminology, but still make grammatical mistakes, some of which have to do with using verb tenses properly. These exercises will help you to practice choosing the right verb tense in a Business English context.

Fill in each blank with the best response

1. If he doesn't come in the next 10 minutes, we __________________________ without him.
  would start
  will start

2. He __________________________ a manager when he was 25.
  has become
  was becoming

3. __________________________ the details of the proposed merger.
  Let's to discuss
  Let's discuss
  Let's be discussing

4. Our distributor called while I __________________________ to Jim. (I'm no longer talking to Jim)
  was talking
  have been talking
  would be talking

5. I thought about your proposal, and I think we __________________________ it.
  will have accepted
  will accept

6. How long _________________ in sales?
  B or C
  have you worked
  have you been working

7. I have _________________ your proposal, and I'm quite impressed.

8. The mayor failed __________________________ the striking workers to return to contract talks.
  A or C
  to persuade

9. The union __________________________ on Tuesday to resume contract talks.
  was being agreed to
  has been agreeing

10. Negotiations __________________________ to continue into the weekend.
  are expected
  are expecting

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