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BUSINESS ENGLISH - Free listening comprehension practice exercises for ESL students - Improve your listening skills, learn new words and expressions, become fluent in the language of business!

We have two different types of exercises to help you practice understanding spoken Business English. The first section is audio only - it is supposed to help you train your pronunciation, and to improve your listening comprehension of individual words.

The second section consists of video-based exercises. Each video has 5 questions to test how well you understand spoken English. Good luck!

SECTION 1 - Audio-based exercises (Pronunciation practice/ Listening):

English listening practice test 6
English listening practice test 7
English listening practice test 8
English listening practice test 9
English listening practice test 10
English listening practice test 1
English listening practice test 2
English listening practice test 3
English listening practice test 4
English listening practice test 5

SECTION 2 - Video-based listening comprehension exercises:

Click on an image to go to each exercise
ESL Business Practice video 1
IBM Commercial (Universal Business Adapter)
ESL Business Practice video 2
Talking about your business/promoting your business
ESL Business Practice video 3
Report on Michael Dell (Dell computers)
ESL Business Practice video 4
Tips on improving your business website
ESL Business Practice video 5
The US Economy in a recession: Foreclosures

ESL Business Practice video 6
The US Economy in a recession: It's official
ESL Business Practice video 7
How to prepare for a phone interview

ESL Business Practice video 8
Business networking tips

ESL Business Practice video 9
Fedex/Kinkos commercial (business meeting parody)
ESL Business Practice video 10
Five biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make
ESL Business Practice video 11
SEO marketing tips - build a better website
ESL Business Practice video 12
Corporate matching - are you a good fit for your company?

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