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Business English Exercise | Topic: Mobile phones/cell phones/mobile devices 1

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. The keypad is ____________________ designed ( = not designed very well).

2. The video still comes in a bit __________________________. ( = the quality of the video is not very good)

3. The camera quality still __________________________ the market. ( = is worse than that of its competitors)
  falls flat
  is on
  falls behind

4. Fancy options = __________________________ options

5. This particular 3G phone is __________________________. ( = it doesn't weigh a lot)
  light of weight
  soft to the touch

6. This camera has a headset __________________________ where you can plug in your headphones.

7. A keyboard that comes out is called a __________________________ keyboard.

8. Some companies are developing mobile devices that are more __________________________ to deaf and blind people. ( = cellphones that deaf and blind people can use more easily)

9. The light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen to __________________________ ( = save) power and extend battery life.

10. The phone is in camera __________________________. ( = it is functioning as a camera)

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