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English for dentists and their patients
Common vocabulary used in a dental office 1

Whether you're a dentist or a patient, this exercise will make communication easier by teaching you the right vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. I think my filling __________________________.
  fell out
  fell off
  fell away

2. I'll have to take an __________________________.

3. That isn't the tooth that's causing the __________________________. It's the one next to it.

4. A root __________________________ involves removing the nerve from a specific tooth.

5. Does this __________________________? = Does this cause you pain?

6. When was your last __________________________? = When was the last time you had your teeth checked?

7. Your gums are _________________________. You might have an infection.

8. My gums are really ___________________________.

9. I'll __________________________ you for an appointment next Monday.

10. __________________________, please. = Wash your mouth with water, please.

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