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English for dentists and their patients
Common vocabulary used in a dental office 3

Whether you're a dentist or a patient, this exercise will make communication easier by teaching you the right vocabulary.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. Is the pain recurrent? = Does the pain __________________________?
  come and go
  arrive and leave
  in and out

2. I will prescribe some antibiotics as well as some __________________________ for after your operation.

3. We'll have to __________________________ that tooth. = We'll have to remove that tooth.

4. It would be best to remove all four of your __________________________ teeth.

5. Is your cheek still __________________________? = Do you still have no feeling in your cheek?

6. You should __________________________ eating hot food for the next 2 hours. = You should not eat hot food for the next two hours.

7. Could you bite down on this paper and _________________________ your teeth? (= rub your teeth together)

8. ___________________________ ( = keeping your mouth and teeth clean) is extremely important.
  Mouth cleanliness
  Oral hygiene
  Orally clean

9. __________________________ refers to an inflammation of the gums.

10. The glossy, visible part of a tooth is called its __________________________.

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