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Medical English - PLASTIC SURGERY | Topic: English for plastic surgeons 1

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. I don't _______________________ liposuction for you. = I don't think you should get liposuction.

2. This procedure may cause permanent and __________________________ ( = visible) scars.

3. I wouldn't worry about that side-effect. It's __________________________ rare.

4. The opposite of "minor surgery" = __________________________ surgery

5. Gastric bypass surgery reduces the stomach size of an __________________________ ( = very fat, overweight) patient.

6. Body contouring is used to remove loose, __________________________ skin from the patient's body.

7. Body contouring = Body __________________________

8. Rhinoplasty is often _________________________ as "nose surgery".
  inquired about
  referred to

9. The scars should __________________________ ( = disappear, stop being noticeable) in about one year.

10. This procedure will __________________________ you to be hospitalized for one week. ( = You will have to stay in a hospital for one week)

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