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ENGLISH FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY | Topic: Biotech-related words/expressions (basic) - vocabulary matching 2

Match the definition on the left with the letter of the term on the right:

a - test tube
b - biosynthesis
c - metabolism
d - protein engineering
e - consistent with
f - findings (
g - remediation
h - inconclusive (adj.)
i - contaminate (v.)
j - clinical trial
1. to make impure or unclean -->

2. a test of a new drug (or a new invasive medical device) on human subjects -->

3. in agreement with; accordant with -->

4. the process of developing valuable proteins -->

5. a glass tube that's closed at one end -->

6. restoration of something (usually land, air or water) from a polluted, contaminated state -->

7. the creation of more complex molecules from simpler ones in cells with the help of enzymes -->

8. results -->

9. not conclusive; having no definite result -->

10. the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life -->

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