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ENGLISH FOR PHARMACISTS | Topic: Pharmacy-related words/expressions (basic) - vocabulary matching 1

Match the definition on the left with the letter of the term on the right:

a - antidepressant (n.)
b - over-the-counter (adj.)
c - side effect
d - dose (n.)
e - generic drug
f - drowsy (adj.)
g - fever
h - active ingredient
i - sedative
j - therapeutic (adj.)
1. available without a prescription -->

2. the amount of medicine to be taken -->

3. having the ability to heal -->

4. an abnormally high body temperature -->

5. an undesired effect resulting from a medication -->

6. medicine that treats depression -->

7. the opposite of a "brand name" drug -->

8. medicine that calms you down -->

9. sleepy -->

10. the substance in a pharmaceutical drug that is biologically active -->

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