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English for I.T. Professionals | Talking about new technology in English 2

Many I.T. professionals are interested in new, state-of-the-art technology. This particular exercise will help you talk to your co-workers, friends, etc. about new technology, gadgets, etc. and teach you new vocabulary relating to this topic.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. The new external Skype phone can __________________________ ( = can be used) as both a telephone and a webcam.

2. This new functionality is really __________________________. ( = elaborate, fancy)

3. This surveillance system can be set up to send cell-phone __________________________.

4. In some places, it's already possible to watch live TV ____________________ on a mobile device. ( = cell phone, BlackBerry, etc.)

5. This surveillance system allows you to ___________________________ your cameras through the internet.

6. I'm not sure I like this new ___________________________. ( = general tendency *in culture/technology,etc*)

7. New technology devices are often referred to as "_______________________".
  gateway products

8. Sony has always been an innovator in consumer electronics. = Sony has always been on the __________________ of consumer electronics.
  cutting board
  cutting edge
  cut and paste

9. Novatel's new MiFi is a small 3G radio that can create a mobile wi-fi ___________________ almost anywhere.

10. The MiFi will be sold through wireless network __________________ ( = operators).

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